Harte-Hanks' e-Target Intelligence Database Updated; Adds 28% Additional E-Mail Contacts
Monday, 07 January 2008

Leading UK-based list, data and direct marketing consultancy RSA Direct and worldwide direct and targeted marketing company Harte-Hanks announced that the Harte-Hanks e-target intelligence database, a component of the Harte-Hanks Ci Technology Database for Europe, enters 2008 fully updated and with many new contacts and sites added.

The expanded database includes 56,000 new contacts and 8,931 new sites, bringing the total of personalised e-mail addresses in 18 European nations to 200,458 contacts at 72,678 sites.

Further, Harte-Hanks continues its Europe monthly update cycle with 7,000 in-depth telephone conversations with senior decision makers per month with more than 200 selection criteria available including size of site, turnover of site, hardware, software and network infrastructure used at site, enterprise and company level. Contacts available and selectable include e-mail addresses of professionals with positions in technology, finance, marketing and sales as well as human resources.

Richard Gibson, commercial director, RSA Direct, said, "Pan-European e-mail databases with this level of detailed selection criteria are very few and far between. Any increase in file size will be well received by technology marketers and those looking to reach decision makers on a Pan-European basis."

Didier Andrieu, managing director, Market Intelligence-Europe, Harte-Hanks, said, "We continue to invest in and enhance our database products, relying on live, telephone-based conversations to gather our data firsthand. Our e-target database allows our customers the ability to target senior technology decision makers by e-mail and further allows multichannel targeting with the possibility to combine e-mail with the other channels we have available; specifically direct mail and telephone."

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